EHV-1 at Florida Horse Show (sigh) – 3.1.13


EHV-1 has shown up again, this time in the Florida horse show circuit.    It shows up several times a year, but makes the biggest splash when it shows up at big shows.

FungusTheBogeyman Anyway, a horse participating in a horse show in Ocala, Florida, exhibited neurologic signs and tested positive for the Equine Herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1), wild-type strain, on February 20, 2013.  Currently, the horse is in stable condition and continues to be treated at the University of Florida.
Some additional exposed horses have also tested positive for EHV-1, although they have not exhibited neurological signs. As a result, there are currently 12 premises under quarantine in Florida.·         Biosecurity is extremely important in reducing the transmission of this disease.  This includes isolation of new positive horses.
·         Horse owners and veterinarians may want to bookmark the Florida Department of Agriculture’s website for updates. This website update may be accessed if you CLICK HERE.
·         Florida Department of Agriculture is continuing to work on the EHV-1 outbreak related to the HITS show currently under quarantine in Florida.  They have not had any new cases reported at this point and are trying to work out quarantine release protocols.  They recognize that any protocol may have to be modified based on additional cases.  They are currently updating the web site daily on the status of this event.


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