The Great Horse Owner Survey of Equine Veterinary Care


I have an idea.

I thought it might be interesting to see what horse owners think about veterinary care.  I ran it by two good friends and colleagues, and they’re intrigued.  So I’m encouraged.

I see stuff posted with peoples’ opinions of veterinarians quite regularly – on Facebook, in chat rooms, and such.  Frankly, it’s hard to know if the view expressed in those forums represent a prevailing thought, or if they’re just the musings of a vocal minority.  So I thought it might be fun to see if there was a way for horse owners to get their thoughts to the larger equine veterinary community.  A customer satisfaction survey, as it were.

So I created a survey.  CLICK HERE for the link.

Here’s my idea.  If there are enough responses, I can try to present this survey to a conference, or perhaps publish it as a paper (or both).  I’m not aware that anyone’s done something like this, at least not on any grand scale.  My blog just climbed to over 18,000 followers, so there’s at least the potential to get a lot of feedback.  I think it might provide some useful information – help connect horse owners to their veterinarians.

I’ll be keeping the survey up for a couple of months.  There are only 23 questions, and it shouldn’t take you more than five of ten minutes to do the survey.  I’d appreciate it if you’d complete it.  It would be great if you would forward the link to your friends who have horses, as well.

Whether there is a paper accepted, or a presentation to give, I’ll be posting the results here sometime later in 2017:  after the survey is completed, after it’s been analyzed, and after the paper is done.

Thanks for your help.  You only get to take the survey once, and you can edit your answers until you click the “Done” button.

Thanks for your help.

Again, CLICK HERE for the link.

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