The Japanese Horse Book – One Last Chance


It is almost time to start production.

We are getting near the end of one of the most marvelous adventures, and one of the great learning experiences of my professional career, the translation and publication of our book on horses and horse medicine in Japan, around the turn of the 17th century (late Muromachi period – early Edo period, for those of you who are students of Japanese history).  It’s a detailed look at a little known aspect of horse history and horse medicine.

I’m sending a final opportunity to order at the prepublication price of $62.

This opportunity would not have been possible without the assistance, interest, faith, and confidence of over 300 people around the world.  We have commitments for almost 500 books.  But, in case any one else is interested, I’d like to offer you one final opportunity to get this at a pre-publication price of $62 (which will include shipment if we have enough orders).

CLICK HERE for the PayPal link checkout button

Once payment is confirmed, and I’ll contact you for all of the necessary shipping information.

The book will have a faux leather cover, be printed on special paper stock, be individually wrapped, have a custom bookplate signed by each of the four authors, and it will come in a special presentation box.  This edition will not be available to subsequent purchasers.
If you’d like to see the book, there are two link options ready for you.
The first version loads a PDF. Depending on the settings, it will either directly load the PDF into your browser window or it will download it directly. When you click on this link, it is pulling in the full file, so it may take some time to complete the load (it’s a big file).
We also have a link to a zip version that would work as a download only. It has a faster response time because it is a smaller file.
Please feel free to forward these links to people who you think may be interested in purchasing a copy for themselves.
Again, if you’d like to pay for a copy and have me contact you for shipping information, the PayPal link can be found at:




Here’s a page from the design stage (it’s not final yet)


For even more information, and if you really want to dive into what we’re doing, I along with one of my co-authors, Kaoru Tomoyoshi, did a presentation on the book for the Los Angeles-based Japan Foundation in November 2020.  The  YouTube video about the book is here

I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity (if you haven’t already).  It really is extraordinary.


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