The Cause of Theiler’s Disease Discovered – 3/21/13


Dr. Arnold Theiler, 1867 - 1936

Dr. Arnold Theiler, 1867 - 1936

Dr. Arnold Theiler, 1867 – 1936

For almost 100 years, veterinarians have puzzled over the cause of Theiler’s disease, a mysterious type of equine hepatitis that is linked to blood products and causes liver failure in up to 90% of afflicted animals.  For years, the disease has been associated with vaccination with tetanus antitoxin – turns out that the problem isn’t the vaccination, rather, it’s a virus that lives in the serum that is used to make vaccine.  It’s not a common problem.

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DR RAMEY NOTES:  Science just keeps on moving forward.


* “Idiopathic” is a big word that means, “We have no idea what caused this.”

**Theiler’s Disease was named after Dr. Arnold Thieler, who first described the syndrome in 1914.  Dr. Theiler is considered to be the father of veterinary medicine in South Africa.  You can read about him if you CLICK HERE.

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