Under Pressure, Pfizer Agrees to Change Vitamin Claims: NPR – 7/7/12


Pfizer Pfizer, a big drug manufacturer, but also a big manufacturer of over-the-counter vitamins, has agreed to drop some claims and modify others in response to a threatened lawsuit by a consumer group.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest alleged in a letter sent to Pfizer’s CEO last year that the company was engaged in deceptive trade practices.  CSPI said it would take legal action to stop the company and even try to get Pfizer to cough up profits from the affected products, if there were no changes.

CLICK HERE to read the story from National Public Radio.

DR. RAMEY NOTES:  It’s about time.

FWIW, horse’s rarely need supplemental vitamins, with the possibility of vitamin E to horses that never see green.  CLICK HERE to read my article about vitamins.  And stop buying them, unless you just like to spend money on pretty packages.  Otherwise, it’s a waste.

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