Japanese Horse Book – Costs


I thought that this would be a great time to post about the costs for publication of the Japanese Horse Book.  This is the estimate from the printing group that would handle the project (just in case you’re interested, the principal partner in the group was a client of mine and has owned horses for 30 years, so I’m very confident about the estimate, the work, and the integrity).  The cost per book does NOT include shipping and also does not include translation costs.  It also is dependent on how many books are ordered, of course.

Quantity               Total Cost             Per Book Cost

250                      $21,425                    $85.70

500                      $25,595                    $51.19

750                      $28,398                    $37.86

1,000                     $31,820                    $31.82

Number of Pages: Japanese: 80 French-Fold Pages + Endsheets + Casebound Cover

English: 80 Pages of English Translation of Japanese + 8 pages of English front matter and 8 pages of English index

TOTAL PAGES: 176 pages + Cover

Page Size: Japanese: 7.75 x 11.25” Portrait

English: 3.875 x 5.625” Portrait

Paper: Japanese: Neutral Paper 120gsm

English Translation: Star Milky 157gsm

Front & Back Matter: Star Milky 157gsm

Endsheets: Star Milky 157gsm

Case Cover: JHT Cloth Black

Ink: Chinese: 4-color process – 1 side

English: 1 PMS + Black – 2 sides

Proofing: High res page proofs, plotters, F&G’s + case cover

Bindery: French fold Japanese pages and add insert of English pages between each folded page. Front cover will have blind deboss (approximately 4×4”) and foil stamping above and below blind deboss (each 1.5 x 6”). Bind text pages with front and back covers with Japanese bookbinding. Individually shrinkwrap and insert into Individual mailing cartons.

Translation Cost – $3,000.

Add in the mailing costs and probably a 10% cushion on the total cost for revisions at the design and proofing stage.

Right now, we have about 200 people who have indicated an interest.  If everyone who indicated an interest actually paid for the book, the book could get done, but it would cost over $100 per copy. Over 300 people have taken the survey but only 200 have left email addresses.  If you want to get on the email list, please let me know. I’d love to get 500 copies printed, which would bring the cost to somewhere around $50, not including shipping.  I’ll keep promoting!

Oh – we already have one copy sold (cash in hand, as it were).

At any rate, please feel free to ask any questions, please spread the word, and, hopefully, we can get this done!

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