Tornado-Tossed Horse Ends Up in Family Kitchen – and Survives 3.15.12

tornado_animationDuring the tornadoes that devastated parts of Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio on March 2, one horse had a close call that ended up being a stroke of luck. Twister, renamed after the tornadoes, was swept out of his pasture and dropped into his owners’ kitchen after the house’s roof had been ripped off. Veterinarian David Fugate has been treating Twister and other horses injured in the storms.

CLICK HERE to read the story in The Horse magazine.  There’s also a link to anaccount of how the Louisiana State University’s Equine Rescue Team saved hundreds of horses and other animals following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

DWR NOTES:  I don’t like earthquakes, but tornadoes happen every year, and they are no fun either.



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