Book Sale Update


Oh, my.

The response to my book sale offer has been rather overwhelming.  On one hand, I’ve made a couple of nice friends at the Post Office.  I also haven’t had to worry about too much free time, since I’ve been spending my evenings stuffing envelopes.

At this point, I’ve filled about 70% of the orders.  I’ve sold out of the Medications and Supplements book, as well.  My wonderful publisher found a few extra copies – which are being shipped to me – so I hope to be able to get everyone who ordered at least one copy of the book (some people ordered multiples).  If I can’t fill your order for that book, I’ll refund the money, of course.

I do still have copies of the other three books – Laminitis, Navicular, and Respiratory Disease – for those that are still interested.  You can find out about them, and order them, on the links in the original article (which has been edited to remove the Meds and Supplements book).

CLICK HERE to go to the ordering page and original offer.

Heading to the Post Office on Monday.

Thanks so very much for all of your interest.  I hope you find the information in the books helps you AND your horses.


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