Happy Thanksgiving


It’s Thanksgiving.  And I’m thankful.

little_girl_and_her_horseI’m thankful that horses can make little girls happy (and that the little girls stay somewhere in the big girls, too).
FarrierI’m thankful that horses can stand on three legs.  My job – and many other jobs – would be very difficult otherwise.


muzzleI’m thankful that I know where to find the softest spot in the world.



I’m thankful that horses can’t talk.  Can you imagine what they’d say?HorseTalk






I don’t know of a delicate way to say this, but I’m really thankful that horses can’t throw up.  I can’t imagine having to work in small animal medicine (or as a gastroenterologist).  And if horses threw up (in volumes)?  But they can’t, I’m thankful for that.

NOTE:  If you’re really curious about this (and not grossed out) CLICK HERE for an explanation.

Horse Shoe (antique)


I’m thankful that horses have shoes.  Where would we find such a readily available source of good luck? NOTE:  Please remember to hang them correctly, so the luck doesn’t fall out.


Horse as poodle


I’m thankful that horses are so tolerant (mostly).  I mean, some things deserve a bit of intolerance.




Last, I’m thankful for nickers.  Is there any other sound that can compare?
[haiku url=”NickerDeep22.mp3″]

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